5 HP Unit for your performance lift

Powerful electric-hydraulic performance units for your 2 posts lifts and 4 post vehicle hoists, parking systems lifts, dock lifts, handling tables, scissors lifts or other applications that demand extreme quality and performance.


Two-year limited warranty on freight, labor, and all parts

Why settle for anything less.  RHINO Power warranties through our resellers and from the factory direct at no additional cost. Other brands offer a skimpy one-year warranty that does not include prepaid freight both directions.

3 Gallons per Minute flow rate

Need torque. We got it! We are not typical and typical brands have a lower flow rate because their electric motor does not produce enough torque. Not our motor!

208-230-volt single phase 60 Hz

Our unit operates in varied voltages.  Most motors will not operate in the 208 voltage systems…they are only rated at 220 volts.  Global wide use.

2 hp 3450 rpm motor (3.5 hp motor torque equivalent)

Our high-quality motor will not get hot and decrease speed and torque. Built with super heavy-duty armatures and extra motor windings (additional silver metal included in the wires and connections) eliminate decreased torque. RHINO units maintain constant torque through the lifting process because we generate less heat.

Standard 3.6-gallon opaque high-density plastic tank

Allows you to see the fluid levels.

Pressure settings available from 2300 PSI to 3500 PSI

We offer adjustable PRV. Why stock multiple units at different PRV when you don't have to! Why pay more when you don't have to.

Extra-large junction box for easy installation

Extra-large junction box makes it easier preparing electrical connections than traditional smaller cramped boxes.  Eliminating electrical shorts.

Extra heavy-duty Honeywell BE22Q1-AL off/on switch

This is an extra cost that no other power unit manufacturer will spend the extra money on.  We insist!
We know the number one complaint for all power units is that the on/off switch. To eliminate this, we selected and tested the BE22Q1AL and got zero warranty claims in 4 years!

Pump outlet can be on either side of unit to allow pressure line to be mounted in the same position your current power unit

We offer dual outputs in our standard models.  Others do not.

3/8″ pipe thread port and internal pipe for lifts that have a cylinder vent return to tank

RHINO is the only power unit in production that allows the return line flow from non-pressured return lines. AND may be used on older lift manufacturers models that need slave side hydraulic functions.

Suction tube micro screen filter included

For longer pump/motor life our suction pickup tube has a fine micro-screen to prevent any debris from entering the pump.